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Masters in Clinical Psychology interviews in Malaysia: What you need to know (2023 Updated)

master in clinical psychology interview malaysia

Congratulations for being selected for your Masters in Clinical Psychology interview! This article tells you exactly what to expect and how to pass the dreaded interview, with practical and insider tips. Furthermore, you will be interrogated in various ways on all knowledge of clinical psychology but get yourself together, we will muster through it…

You are in for a soul-clenching, stomach-heaving, period of your life where you sway in between the precipices of “Yes I’ve got this” and “Oh no I just forgot what CBT stands for…how to pass?!” as likely as ten times within ten minutes. Afterwards comes the intensive squirreling on Google just begging for any information telling you how to pass the Masters in Clinical Psychology interviews. You come up short when you realize that THERE JUST ISN’T ANYONE TELLING!

Hello, hello…welcome to the post that gives you that edge you need. Just promise me reading this article will not compromise consistent learning and reading up on knowledge, which is what the field of clinical psychology is about, no?

If I time it just right, for most universities you will have approximately two weeks until the day of Masters in Clinical Psychology program interviews. And if you time it just right, that gives you just about enough time to amaze the pants off your interviewers…whichever way you’re taking it.

Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM)

Top local university first to provide the program. Great location. Firsthand access to most of the government hospitals in the city. 40 credits offered.

Read: You will be fighting tooth to tooth for the ten seats or more that is available. That is approximately a ratio of 20:1 (or more) AFTER a large number of hopefuls were rejected at the preliminary stage of registration.

Generally, the clinical psychology program applications are open from April to May (two whole months) with interviews scheduled for the mid-to-late June period, and results out promptly within two weeks’ time. The interviews will take place in KL at the UKM campus, starting at 9AM sharp.

You will enter from the waiting room into a room facing a panel of 5 to 7 faculty members from the program. Sitting on a lone chair facing that magnitude, a projector reflects your details onto a screen situated behind you. One faculty member may pose most of the interview questions, but others will chip in to their liking or to determine how much they like you.

The questions are mostly in English but mind you, it may switch to Bahasa Malaysia at any given moment. The process takes about 30 to 40 minutes, or less if you simply fail to perform. Be on the edge of your seat, constant vigilance! (if you do not get this, read Harry Potter) Not for the faint-hearted.

Topics: Self-introduction, reasons for choosing UKM, undergraduate thesis topic, opinion on LGBT, explanation of humanistic/behaviorism theories, research knowledge (type I/II errors, etc.), diagnostic knowledge (assessment tools).

University Sains Malaysia – University Pendidikan Sultan Idris (USM-UPSI Joint Program)

Local top-ranking university, rather late to providing a Masters in Clinical Psychology program (currently picking their fifth cohort). Known for depth of research. They have the most number of faculty members from the Malaysian Society of Clinical Psychologists (MSCP).

If I have not misread my cards, this program holds the highest chances of taking over UKM in terms of quality of education. 70 credits offered.

Read: This program has a higher chance of admission if you wish to join a local university. Give or take 5 years and it will be as tough to enter as UKM.

Applications open from April to May, but response for interviews are only in late July (in 2022, it occurred in August and all applicants thought they failed). Results will be out within a few weeks’ time, with a faculty email prompt once you can view the results online. Interviews were still online in 2022 with panel interviewers from both USM and UPSI.


Stage 1: Personal (strengths and weaknesses, future plans and goals, understanding of the Masters program, etc.)
Stage 2: Clinical (research knowledge, role plays, opinion on current issues)

University of Cyberjaya (UoC)

Private university. What it lacks in prestige, it makes up for in customer service and responsiveness of faculty members and information provided. Moreover, they run a health clinic located within the university specifically for the program.

Read: If you are qualified and wish to join the program, you should be able to.

Applications end by February, with the earliest interview period (efficiency!) locally by early March. If you think your chances are slim, apply early for the first interview period. After which, another interview period will be in June/July for the leftover available slots.

You will be amongst a group of 5 interviewees for one-to-one interviews planned within 3 hours. Three faculty members will interview you for approximately 45 minutes, completely based on a questionnaire drafted with three sections.

Section 1– Introduction, perception of clinical psychology, characteristics of a clinical psychologist, etc.
Section 2 – Research experience (undergraduate research, experience with research software, etc.)
Section 3 – Hypothetical situations for clinical psychologists (your friend seeking advice on pregnancy or abortion, etc.)

Higher Education Learning Philosophy (HELP University)

Top local private university well-known for its psychology program. The bulk of practitioners in the private sector of clinical psychology are graduates from the HELP program. Interestingly, their intakes have been reduced to once per year, possibly to indicate their selectiveness and thoroughness of education in comparison to other private programs. 66 credits offered.

Read: If you’d like to practice in the private setting after graduation, HELP is a great stepping stone. Plenty of seniors in the industry to connect with!

Applications open in June, with interviews taking place around the month of October. Results are out within two weeks. By January the next year, you’ll be starting the Masters in Clinical Psychology course.

A personality test is necessary for all applicants (they use the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory or MMPI, a test that has more than 300 questions). Note that if you have psychological problems there is a higher chance of losing your spot in the program. Ethical? Still debated in the clinical psychology circles.

Interview Stage 1: MMPI test, 15-minute English essay writing, individual interviews
Interview Stage 2: 1-hour Group interviews, reflection (in a written essay)

Topics: Explain clinical psychology, share your interest in the program, case study. There is less emphasis on diagnostic or theoretical knowledge compared to other program interviews.

International Islamic University Malaya (IIUM)

This Masters In Clinical Psychology program is slightly different, named as Masters in Psychology (Clinical and Counseling). However, it is recognized by the MSCP and the Allied Health Professions Act 2017 to be registered as a clinical psychologist upon graduation. 40 credits offered.

Intakes are open yearly in October, with the applications and interviews open before then. The last batch of interviews for the shortlisted candidates were conducted entirely online and lasted approximately one hour.

Interview process:

  • First section: Personal (Previous experience including work or research)
  • Second section: Deductive (Role plays and opinions on current issues)
  • Third section: Written essay (Theoretical knowledge)

Read: Go for it! For more insights, you can refer to Farrah’s blog for her personal interviewing experience.

University College Sedaya International (UCSI)

Local private university, one of the latest to join providers of the Masters In Clinical Psychology program in Malaysia. Three intakes per year, with approximately 20 students per cohort. I have yet to figure out how they manage to find reputable placements for 60 odd trainees per year (they don’t, the trainees have to solve their problem).

A little birdie who passed the first batch interview gave me some updates regarding the interview process. Individual interviews are conducted online, lasting approximately 30 minutes. Additionally, topics were centered on more general questions such as “why do you want to pursue clinical psychology”, “tell me more about yourself”, etc.

As for personality tests, it wasn’t required for the first batch but could/may have been implemented for the subsequent batches. If you’ve poured over this post in detail, I’m sure you already have an idea of the requirements for the interview process.

The current market sentiments for this program is not positive. It’s mainly because of management problems and conflicts. However, a new coordinator I know to be highly efficient was hired in late 2022 so I hope that better things are to come.

Read: Maximize all options before committing to one program.

Taylor’s University

The last addition to providers of Masters In Clinical Psychology programs in Malaysia. The first batch of graduates should appear in the later part of 2023. I’ve met a couple of Taylorian clinical psychology trainees during events and their feedback has mostly been about the management (typical for a new program).

Intake: Ongoing, I am aware of interviews being held recently (May 2023).

Interview process: 30-minute interview with 3 members of the panel (all clinical psychologists)

Interview content: You can refer to the content listed on my “Masters In Clinical Psychology Interview Questions Sample

Read: A little of a gamble here.

Last Thoughts

Are the above details enough to pass your Masters in Clinical Psychology interviews? The answer is: will it ever be? This is one of the toughest mental health professional field to enter, and I hope that you are up for it.

Best of luck guys! Welcoming each of you into the field.

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