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Category: Clinical Psychology

Find information on clinical psychology within this section, for mental health professionals, students, and the curious knowledge-seeker.

Clinical psychologists: Everything you need to know

So what does a clinical psychologist do? What are their jobscope and roles at work like? The clinical psychologist is a trained scientist who applies theoretical knowledge and tools to understand the current psychological state of a person, provide diagnosis, and prescribe non-pharmacological treatment in order to improve their wellbeing.  More articles on clinical psychology trainee:…

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5 Tips on Passing your Clinical Psychology Interview in Malaysia

When was it again? Well, the Masters of Clinical Psychology interviews are over for the current 2020/2021 academic year. Most clinical psychology programs have their interviews between June to early August each year, with this year happening slightly later because of the…well you know, COVID-19. One or two programs from private…

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Modifying Behavior Part 3: Codependency

I help you, you help me The idea of codependence is an affront to most people: I behave like this because I LOVE HIM/HER, and they wouldn’t function so well without me, and get this…They need me! I find a definition online ( a little elementary, “Codependency involves sacrificing one’s personal…

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Masters in Clinical Psychology interviews in Malaysia: What you need to know (2023 Updated)

Congratulations for being selected for your Masters in Clinical Psychology interview! This article tells you exactly what to expect and how to pass the dreaded interview, with practical and insider tips. Furthermore, you will be interrogated in various ways on all knowledge of clinical psychology but get yourself together, we…

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Modifying behavior in 3 steps (Part 2: The Eight Weeks)

Did you do your homework? From the first article on Modifying Behavior in 8 weeks, we talked about the stages of change: pre-contemplation, contemplation, determination/preparation, action, and relapse-maintenance. Some people get stuck at pre-contemplation, others take years to contemplate, and many, many others progress to the stage of relapse-maintenance where…

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