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Best Christian Books For Men 2023: Masculinity, Discipline, And Healing

Looking for the best Christian books for men? Are you struggling to find a book that is not another Bible recommendation, and has real-life stories that man in your life can learn from? Or are you looking for books by male Christian authors who can write about practical ways of living

I was facing the same problem and could only rely on my partner to tell me which books he wanted. I always wished for someone to tell me which Christian men’s books are suitable based on their needs!  

In this article, I will tell you which are the best Christian books for men. It will be conveniently listed according to your purpose for masculinity, healing, and discipline! 


  • Christian Books For Men Masculinity
  • Christian Books On Healing For Men 
  • Books For Christian Men Discipline 
  • Books For Young Christian Men
  • Good Christian Books For Marriage and Family 

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Christian Books For Men Masculinity

#1 Wild At Heart Expanded Edition: Discovering The Secret Of A Man’s Soul By John Eldredge 

If you are looking for a book for Christian men to evoke their passion and find their dreams, consider this book. It explains why men are feeling bored and getting lukewarm in their faith. The solution? Being “fully alive” by getting in touch with their wild selves. 

Pros: One of the buyers commented, “Phenomenal book. Phenomenal message. Great for men at any stage in life. Book gives you the words and motivation needed to regain your faith”. 

Cons: The main drawback of the book is the assumption that all men are made the same. There is the idea that men only enjoy extreme hobbies or outdoor activities. 

#2 Seven Men: And the Secret of Their Greatness By Eric Metaxas 

For those who enjoy reading about the real lives of men living out their faith, this is one of the top Christian books for men. Learn from seven men who had to make big decisions in their lives. 

How did one man give up the chance to be a king? What do you do when God tells you to change an entire structure like slavery? When do you decide if your sports career is more important? 

Pros: Simple reading of historical characters without too much backstory. It is inspiring because it writes about how hard it is to choose the Godly way in a life of weaknesses and struggles. 

Cons: Considering that there are 7 stories, not all stand up to equal or great measure. Some stories are more boring or less touching compared to others. 

#3 The Gospel At Work: How Working For King Jesus Gives Purpose And Meaning To Our Jobs By Sebastian Traeger And Greg Gilbert 

This book was helpful to clarify living out faith in the workplace, without making it an idol. It talks about all the difficult topics such as the importance of money, balancing work and family, and (my favorite part) how to treat others at work. If you are struggling to love your colleagues and bosses at work, this is a good book by male Christian authors that will help you in your journey. 

Pros: An easy book to read and digest with practical applications in your workplace. A fresh reminder of how to be a witness for Christ in the marketplace. 

Cons: Both male authors share similar backgrounds (previous pastors, white, upper-class) whose daily examples may exclude other cultures and races. 

#4 The Godly Man’s Picture By Thomas Watson

If you enjoy visiting art museums, this is one of the best Christian books for men. Thomas Watson describes a “Godly man” so well that it is almost as if you can see him in your mind’s eye. Even though the book was written over 350 years ago, the writing style is easy enough to understand. 

The book even ends with a challenge: “…and have you no zeal for him?”. It is up to you to answer that question. 

Pros: A great “Puritan” book if you want to get deep into the core faith. It lists down 24 traits a man should have in his walk with God. 

Cons: Watson’s writing style might feel too direct as he uses a lot of one-liners to convey his message. 

#5 Manhood Restored By Eric Mason

I found this book helpful for those who prefer a direct way of learning manly characteristics. It was based on the bible and its principles, which made it convincing. One surprising section was how men should be more present in the church and take up worship roles. 

“We need fathers, and we’re only going to be fathers to our children when we see that true fatherhood is rooted and defined in God the Father. ”

Pros: Clear and defined manly characteristics are listed in 24 chapters. 

Cons: A little bit of a stretch to say that men cannot have feminine roles. 

#6 The Masculine Mandate By Richard D. Philips

This book is great for men who are looking to find their purpose in work and relationships. For example, chapter 2 covers how Adam works in the Garden of Eden. Then it tells men how to be physically and spiritually fruitful in their current jobs. 

A particular highlight was the chapters on male friendships – not enough books talk about how to do “brotherhood” right! 

Pros: Solidly based on biblical principles, with the second half of the book on the man’s role in family and relationships. 

Cons: Conflicted views on the #1 recommendation “Wild at heart”. This may create confusion in men who are not sure about God’s mandate for them. 

Christian Books On Healing For Men

#1 MANdentity: Healing the Wounded Man By Adam French

As a psychologist, this is the book that I want men to read on the struggles of mental health issues. It covers addiction, anxiety, trauma, and anger in a personal way. Most importantly, it tells you how to overcome these issues and heal through God. 

Although it is not a replacement for therapy, this is a good start for you if you need healing. 

Pros: Explains relevant mental health issues such as anxiety and trauma using everyday terms. 

Cons: You might still need therapy. 

#2 Walking with God Through Pain And Suffering by Timothy Keller

“Why do bad things happen to good people?” If you’ve had to struggle with this question, this book gives you the answer. This book has many great reviews from readers who struggle with pain, disappointment, or suffering. 

The greatest thing of all is that this book still points you to Christ. 

Pros: Wonderful illustrations at the end of each chapter to give examples of the theological content. 

Cons: The stories can seem like a “fairy tale” when good things always happen. That’s not life as we see it! 

#3 Healing The Masculine Soul: God’s Restoration Of Men To Real Manhood By Gordon Dalbey

First published in 1988, this book is meant for those who wish to understand the concept of “manhood”. It explores the relationship between family, upbringing, and parent influences on the person. 

Pros: Practical suggestions for boys entering adulthood, and great examples of how to trust God in finding your masculine identity. 

Cons: Most illustrative examples share about broken or traumatic men in extreme circumstances. It can lead to the assumption that all men need healing. 

Books For Christian Men Discipline

#1 Disciplines Of A Godly Man By R. Kent Hughes 

The author Hughes wrote this book to encourage Christian men in spiritual discipline for spiritual leadership. If you are looking into leadership roles in the church or your Christian organization, this is the book to strengthen your spiritual foundations! 

This book helps those of you who want to be followers of God but are not sure about the practical steps in doing so. It talks about prayer, Scripture, fatherhood, relationships, and even how you think. 

Pros: Many readers consider this “the book” to read yearly as a “check-up”.

Cons: May be too harsh for some, as Hughes writes using a straightforward style. Not for those who prefer a nurturing or encouraging way of writing. 

#2 Ordinary: Sustainable Faith In A Radical, Restless World By Michael S. Horton

If you’re tired of being told to “do better”, “live out the best life”, and “always look for the next big thing”, this book is firmly in your corner. It talks about being grounded in normal day-to-day life without the guilt of “not doing enough”. It is certainly a breath of fresh air among books that tell us to go out and do it all! 

The ordinary Christian life is such that includes spiritual practices (prayer, reading the Bible, and liturgy) while parenting, work, and rest. “Ordinary is not a call to do less; it’s an invitation to experience the elusive call of the ordinary Christian life”.

Pros: A book that reminds you why a normal, ordinary life may be best for your faith. 

Cons: Horton’s writing style can be a little repetitive and “preachy”. 

#3 Spiritual Disciplines For The Christian Life By Donald Whitney

This is the best book so far for an introduction to spiritual disciplines such as scripture reading, prayer, worship, journaling, evangelism, serving, fasting, and much more! Other than specific instructions on how to introduce spiritual disciplines in your life, Whitney also gives examples of individuals who persist in these practices despite huge challenges. 

Pros: A detailed and specific read on 17 different spiritual disciplines you can start in your life. 

Cons: Expectations may be a little too high to implement all these disciplines. 

Books For Young Christian Men

#1 Thoughts For Young Men By J.C. Ryle

Within 80 pages, the author Ryle shows how much he cared for the younger generation of men. He writes specifically about reasons men need exhorting, dangers young men need to be warned about, general counsel for young men, and some rules of conduct. If you are discipling a younger male believer, this is the book that you can both read and learn together to encourage Christian living. 

One reviewer of the book calls this “a medicine cabinet of aged wisdom and tender care”. Read up for that dose you need!

Pros: Packed full of wisdom that comes from experience living out a life of Christian faith. It is a great book written by an older Christian man for the younger Christian men. 

Cons: Could have been better to point men to Christ other than just warning against sin and temptation. 

#2 How God Makes Men By Patrick Morley

If you’re wondering why it is so hard to live life as a Christian man, and you want specific examples of Christian men living out their Christian faith, this is the book for you. It covers ten stories of men in the Bible, to talk about how God works in your lives. 

For me, Nehemiah was the story that stood out because he doesn’t get talked about often. 

Pros: Firmly grounded in Scripture and urges men to be involved in a ministry. 

Cons: Morley did not cover Jesus in his book…whom we strive to be consistent. 

#3 The Dude’s Guide To Manhood By Darrin Patrick

After many book recommendations with a stern author, I included this recommendation because Darrin Patrick fills in the role of a nurturing author guiding you on the path of Godly living. It’s a good recommendation because it tells you not to be distracted by today’s message of “manhood” but to face imperfections and grow close to God. 

I think that this book is suitable for younger Christian men who identify with a softer way of addressing Christian issues. 

Pros: Gentle and nurturing way of writing and an easy read! A very practical book on how to live our Christian life. 

Cons: If you prefer heavy reference to Bible Scripture, this may not be for you. 

#4 A Guide To Biblical Manhood By Randy Stinson

This is the perfect book for young men who prefer short books on how to be a Godly man. If you are looking for a quick study that you can read with a non-believer that you are disciplining, you can consider this book. 

Pros: Excellent, short, and practical. 

Cons: It talks about more behaviors than matters of the heart and intentions. 

Good Christian Books For Marriage And Family 

#1 The Exemplary Husband: A Biblical Perspective By Stuart Scott

If you’re looking for a book that you can read with your spouse on marriage, this is it. It has a companion book titled “The Excellent Wife”, which you can start together! To protect your marriage, Stuart Scott covers topics such as love, communication, idolatry, fear or anxiety, and even sexual sin. 

I particularly enjoyed how Scott writes firstly about Jesus’ relationship with the church, which leads to worship and following his example as husband and wife. 

Pros: A great reference for marriage that you can read side-by-side with your spouse using the companion book. 

Cons: Occasionally Scott’s style of writing comes off as impersonal and dry. 

#2 50 Crucial Questions: An Overview Of Central Concerns About Manhood And Womanhood by John Piper And Wayne Grudem

I have some agreements and disagreements with the authors of this book. They cover the necessary questions about the roles of men and women in the church with answers that are based on the Bible. 

My favorite question was “What does it mean that the husband is the head of the household?”. I believe they do their best to present the answers available in a convincing manner. 

Pros: A good overview of questions that are not discussed at all in church settings but are always there in our heads. 

Cons: Some questions were not answered in detail, which can leave you hanging. 

#3 Family Worship By Donald S. Whitney

This is a book that gives guidelines to those who are looking into starting family worship in their homes. It explains why family worship is important to grow within the family, and how to do it. 

Pros: Tells you how to start a family worship session that includes prayer, bible reading, and singing. 

Cons: Heavy focus on the male role within the family worship session. 

#4 The Single Dad Detour: Directions For Fathering After Divorce By Tez Brooks

I included this recommendation for Christian men who experienced divorce with the added responsibility of being a father. This book is beautifully written and full of open, raw feelings by a man who was broken as a result of divorce. If you are supporting someone through a divorce, this book can help them wonderfully to navigate this tough time.

Pros: Humour, compassion, and wisdom from a Christian husband and father going through a divorce. Plenty of heartfelt stories inside. 

Cons: Repetitive use of automotive allegories. 

FAQS On Best Christian Books For Men

What is Biblical Masculinity? 

Biblical masculinity means sacrificial love and incredible meekness. For the best example, look at Jesus Christ who pursues God passionately, is gentle in spirit, and always serves others. We follow the Christlike example according to the Bible to show masculinity through servant leadership. 

What Should A New Christian Read First?

Start a project of reading a gospel and let it start with Luke. Luke starts by explaining the purpose of the gospel “so that you will know the certainty of the things you’ve been taught”. This will help you to read as a new Christian and apply bible scripture to your current life. 

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